Concierge Service: Your Dedicated Research Staff

We understand how busy you are and that it’s sometimes difficult to find time to log onto the Rivel website to access and research the answers to your important IR questions. We have implemented our Concierge Service to simplify this effort and save you valuable time. Email or call our dedicated senior Intelligence Council advisors with your questions and we’ll do the work for you – like an extension of your investor relations team.

For example, let’s say you are presenting to senior management on how often your management team meets with investors. In the past, it might take you days or weeks to track this activity in various ways: one-on-one meetings, conferences, international roadshows, investor visits to your headquarters, etc. However, this year you’re interested in providing IR benchmarking data on what other companies are doing. Using Rivel’s Concierge Service allows you to determine where your investor communications exceed the norm versus where you might fall short.

Our Intelligence Council consultants will do a comprehensive search of our database, pull the specific data that answers your IR questions, and point you to the reports that we referenced. It’s all about supporting the day-to-day decisions you need to make for your company’s investor relations. The Concierge Service is included as part of your Intelligence Council membership.

Concierge Email

For more information:

To take advantage of Rivel Research Group’s Concierge Service, please contact Barbara Sullivan, Vice President, Marketing at (203) 635-4383 or via email at