Answers to Your Pressing IR Questions within 48 Hours

Rapid Action Research

There are times when you need an answer to a very specific investor relations question from management that isn’t addressable in a major research project. And typically, the CEO needs the question to be answered very quickly.

In response, Rivel has designed a feedback program offering valuable insight on highly specific topics, while employing very quick turnaround times. These surveys can be on any IR topic, asked of peer IROs and are conducted over the internet to expedite the process.

The survey reports are comprehensive and are released to the entire Intelligence Council membership.

Client Testimonial

Previous Rapid Action surveys:

  • Activist shareholders
  • Annual reports
  • Capital deployment
  • Communicating with the board
  • Corporate governance
  • Crisis communications
  • Earnings calls
  • Guidance
  • IR responsibilities
  • IR tools
  • Management credibility
  • Social media
  • Targeting
For more information:

To get answers to your investor relations questions through Rivel Research Group, please contact Barbara Sullivan, Vice President, Marketing at (203) 635-4383 or via email at